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This means you'll see less on-screen than with a higher-resolution handset -- fewer lines of text, for example. There's very little bezel around the screen, but still this is a big phone. It's thin enough at 9. Also, as with all large handsets, it wasn't easy to find a pocket large enough to accommodate it. Oppo mitigates the usability issue by providing a neat pop-out offering customisable shortcuts.

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Some will like it, others will see it as on-screen bloat. ColorOS 6 adds some other features to Android 9. While the general appearance is fuss-free, there are some added applications that duplicate Android offerings. The Opera browser is an example. However, Oppo also adds novelties like an FM radio, and there are some neat tweaks such as: a secure keyboard that doesn't save passwords or make suggestions; the ability to lock individual apps down until they are released with a passcode; and cloning apps so that dual-SIM users can run a separate account associated with each SIM.

If you're concerned about limiting your screen time and these concerns are growing , Oppo includes a range of Digital Wellbeing tools. You can set a Wind Down, for example, which turns the screen to greyscale and configures 'do not disturb' at a set time every day; you can also regulate daily usage time for different apps after which they will stop running.

There were some occasions when I had to wait for things to happen, but this was never a big problem.

OPPO Jumps to Android 10 with ColorOS 6.7 [Review]

Geekbench 5 delivered suitably mid-range benchmarking scores. An average multi-core score of and single-core score of was very close to the results from the Motorola Moto G8 Plus and , which is powered by the same processor and 4GB of RAM.

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There's only 64GB of internal storage, which is disappointing -- especially when you consider that That MicroSD card slot may come in handy. The Oppo A5 's huge mAh battery kept the handset going for 23 hours and 37 minutes under the PC Mark battery rundown test check comparative results here.

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Anecdotally it managed two days under mainstream workloads off a single charge. Even power users might manage a day between charges. So despite the long battery life, frequent charging in short bursts might be advisable, just to keep the battery topped up. As on the Oppo A9, reverse charging is available: connect another handset and the mAh battery can provide it with juice if it's running low.


You'll need to buy a cable to use that facility though. The camera setup is disappointing. Check lost and found bins or customer service desks at stores you visited. You should definitely report your phone lost or stolen. This dramatically reduces the value of the phone. Short of leaving the country or making dramatic hardware modifications, the phone is useless ;unless the thief intends on using it as a WiFi only device at home.

Immediately reporting the phone stolen to your carrier puts the phone on a block list and makes life hard for the thief. The FCC also recommends reporting the theft to the police. That way you have documentation that proves the cell phone was stolen. Additionally, with the ESN or IMEI number in their possession, the police would be able to return your device if they happened to find it. This one goes without saying. Your phone remains logged into your Google account, Facebook, and potentially even other apps.

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  • Thankfully, most banking apps log you out after a period of time or after you close the app. Some apps, like Spotify and Netflix, allow you to sign every device out of your account from their web version. Do this for as many services as you can. That locks up your accounts tightly. Some devices, like Samsung phones, have a function that erased all of your user data when your password is entered in wrong too many times.

    We recommend enabling that as soon as possible if you still can. Okay, so this is more of a preemptive idea. The neat thing is that your watch will go nuts when you lose connection with your phone. Thus, you get updates almost immediately as soon as you walk away. They let you ring or vibrate your phone. Thus, when you lose your phone, your watch freaks out and when you re-establish a connection, you can make your phone freak out to find it. This is one of the good ones. If we missed any of the best find my phone apps or other find my phone methods, tell us about them in the comments!

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