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I like many of the wallpapers, too. I just prefer a simple news feed. Is Color OS 7. Its camera hardware is a great value. On the front, the megapixel camera sits alongside a 2-megapixel depth lens. I loved some shots it took both before and after the software update.

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The wide-angle mode has improved considerably, with more color and better exposure. However, I saw some inconsistencies. Some photos can appear washed out and lifeless, and while portrait mode has effective edge recognition, the macro mode is slow and unreliable.

Selfies are sometimes a little soft, especially in bright light, but the secondary depth-sensing lens provides superior edge detection. The design is reminiscent of the Huawei P30 , right down to the eye-catching color on the back panel. However, the Reno 3 Pro is made of plastic, not glass. That lowers the weight but cheapens the feel. It takes at least an hour to reach full charge.

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With moderate use, the battery lasted two days without a problem. I like the 6. An official release in the U. When looking, watch out for the China-only Reno 3 Pro 5G, which is a different phone entirely. The phone world has entered into a kind of collective insanity.

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These are mid-range phones that look every bit as high-end as some twice the price. Its back is curved Gorilla Glass, and the white version has a pearlescent finish that catches the eye, rather than vomiting into it like some of the bolder Huawei phones.

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  • The front camera sits in a little motorised block that pokes out of the top when needed. And this leaves the front to be filled by screen, with no holes or notch cutouts. OK, the little coloured LEDs to each side of the selfie camera mount are a little cheesy, but the camera appears and retreats just about as fast as any motorised model. These parts are all a garnish to the main appeal of the Oppo Reno 2 Z, the screen.

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    This is a 6. Subtlety is the one thing it lacks. The Oppo Reno 2 Z offers a lot of phone for an eminently reasonable amount of money. Oppo shows its desperation to please in the camera array too. It has four rear cameras, now the gold standard for any tech-drenched phone.

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    This is a huge change from the original Reno Z, which only had two. Only two of the cameras are particularly useful, a primary megapixel Sony IMX and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide.

    The other two are remedial 2MP cameras. The other is a black and white sensor, a similarly flaky portrait mode addition. Black and white sensors have a place when they can outperform colour sensors thanks to their lack of a sensitivity-reducing colour filter. This is the phone component equivalent of a Lynx-doused teenager stuffing a pair of socks down their jeans.

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    Daylight shots are packed with detail, and make the same judicious use of dynamic range boosting techniques as high-end phones. Those looking for other compromises will be drawn to the MediaTek processor. It has eight cores, including two genuine performance Cortex-A75s.

    Gaming performance is one of the few parts that shows the Oppo Reno 2 Z up as part of the lower rungs of the ever-widening mid-range category.