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If you're adventurous, the phone's IP68 rating against water and dust along with its MIL-STDG shock resistance are reassuring, so you don't have to worry as much about damaging your investment while out and about. Release date: April Weight: g Dimensions: The LG G8 ThinQ was LG's attempt at a 'futuristic' phone — it has Hand ID that scans the veins in your hand to open the phone, and gestures that let you navigate the device just by waving your hand through the air above the phone. Not all of these work perfectly though, and so the LG G8 ThinQ doesn't exactly fill all its promises.

LG G8's bokeh for video needs some work

But the handset still has some great features, like a cutting-edge chipset and a vibrating screen that functions as a speaker, so you can do a lot worse than it. Release date: May Weight: g Dimensions: There are a few spec upgrades here and there, and it's got all the dual-screen functionality that the previous phone had, but it's definitely a very similar device. That's because it's being sold at a much higher price, which makes recommending it a tricky affair. It's even more expensive than certain 5G phones, when it perhaps doesn't justify it.

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Saying that, it's still an impressive device in a few ways, especially if you're a fan of the dual-screen set-up, so it'll be a useful device for certain people. And if you're an LG fan who needs 5G connection, it's your only option. Release date: November Weight: g Dimensions: But unlike the actual folding displays of the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Motorola Razr, the G8 is a normal smartphone that ships with a clip-on second screen case. See more Mobile phones news. Still, the G8s ThinQ is one of the best sounding smartphone in the subK price bracket.

You can enable DTS:X 3D Surround sound, normalize the volume, select audio presets or customize your own within the feature-rich equalizer. The flagship-grade hardware ensures smooth and lag-free performance throughout the day. Multitasking works without a glitch and you can play the most graphics-intensive games on the LG G8s ThinQ without worrying about any performance slowdown.

The LG G8s ThinQ feels very responsive and fluid no matter how many applications are active in the background. LG has always struggled to offer updates on time and the same continues with the G8s ThinQ. The smartphone runs on the LG UX 8. The settings menu is very organized. The UI is very clean and intuitive. The app drawer is not enabled by default; however, you can enable it from the settings menu. The phone also features a dedicated Game launcher, Theme engine, File manager, LG Mobile Switch app and a Smart Doctor that optimizes phone by deleting unnecessary files, cache, etc.

While the latter is faster and snappier, the OxygenOS The camera app on the OnePlus 7T is the buggiest of all, especially the portrait mode that crashes and freezes very often. Overall, LG's UI is clean, lag-free and intuitive.

LG G8 ThinQ review: Gimmicks with a capital 'G'

The only problem is the slow update cycle where brands like OnePlus and Samsung take the lead. Despite the average battery cell capacity, the phone performed well in the battery tests. LG G8s ThinQ can easily survive a day with moderate to heavy usage. It is only under heavy load that you would need to refuel the battery during a day. The phone gets fully charged in less than 2-hours. Besides securing the face unlock, the 3D ToF sensor also brings some nifty air-gestures that allow you to control the LG G8s ThinQ with just hand movements. The hand gestures make it possible to unlock the device, control the music volume and open apps like YouTube.

The trick is quite neat; however, the implementation is poor. They are gimmicky and don't always work as advertised. However, LG has informed us that the company is working on OTA update that will improve the air-gestures functionality multifold in the coming months. It brings a durable design, crisp OLED screen, impressive audio, secure face-unlock, and a capable camera that possess best-in-class video shooting capabilities.

The software performance is also good but the slow update cycle is a disappointment. If LG manages to address the sluggish software update process, the G8s ThinQ will give the competition a run for their money. It still does.

LG G8 ThinQ™ Full features and specs - AT&T

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LG G8 ThinQ Hands-On: A Game-Changing Smartphone, When It Works

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