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I am using Lenovo vibe K5 Note I needs to know track a my Phone via gmail or Lenovo account how to do give me the details.

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Admin note; private information edited to avoid possible abuse. You may try to use third party app like Android Device Manager from Play Store which you may be able to lock, ring and erase information from the device you are trying to track. The only way you can track your device is to use Android Device manager.

For it to be able to track your device, make sure that the phone:. I have a Lenovo K6 Power, it was stolen recently, and i really need your help to track it and get it back. Please contact me for any detail that would enable you to help me retrieve it. Sorry to know that your phone was stolen. I am afraid the only solution that we can give you is under one of my colleague's post MotorolaJess on this thread. Hope that helps.

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View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. See our Sustainability Report.

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The Yoga S's top-end variant swaps the full-HD display for a 4K 3, x 2, pixels anti-glare panel. This variant is powered by the Intel Core iU processor base clock speed of 1. Unfortunately, graphics on both the variants is handled by the integrated Intel HD , with no option available to opt for a discrete GPU. Other features include IR-sensor backed facial recognition and AI-powered Glance software that tracks eye movement and shifts the content from the laptop's display to a connected monitor with just the flick of eyes.

Moreover, the Yoga S's display will automatically turn dark and the on-screen work progress will be saved as soon as users turn away their eyes. Another feature called BackBlur automatically blurs the background during a video call.

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For the latest tech news and reviews , follow Gadgets on Twitter , Facebook , and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Lenovo Yoga S is powered by up to an 8th-gen Intel Core i7 processor It can be picked up in variants with a full-HD or a 4K anti-glare display The laptop is claimed to provide a battery life of up to 15 hours.

One example given was Apple, which also tracks iOS users see Share diagnostics and usage information with Apple. But Apple is up-front about this and not hiding anything. Even without running across the support document, anyone concerned with privacy would look in the Privacy section of the iOS settings and see the option to turn off tracking. And, it can be easily disabled unlike the song and dance Lenovo requires. Finally, whatever data is being collected is being uploaded to Apple, rather than a third party, such as 2o7. Steve Gibson, on his Security Now podcast , wondered why Lenovo sends data to a third party that does tracking and analytics.

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He wonders if they are making a profit selling this data. I say surprisingly , because people that pay for a VPN in the first place, are those that least want to be tracked. But,they are up-front about this as shown below.

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As I see it, the issue with Lenovo isn't so much the specifics of what they are tracking, or whether tracking software that runs daily without appearing in the list of installed software, should be considered spyware. It doesn't have to be spyware to matter. The issue is trust and Lenovo is playing far too close to the line, especially given their prior history. Cory Doctorow suggests that " Jeremy Hellstrom of PC Perspective suggests that you " Integrate that concern into your purchasing decisions, social media and internet usage.

Hashtags are nice, but nothing speaks as loudly as your money Certainly, some are thinking : three strikes and you're out. Many techies don't trust them, myself included. The recent issue of forcing Windows 10 down the throats of people running Windows 7 and 8 just illustrates the point. Even someone who likes Windows 10 may not want a 5GB installable copy of it surreptitiously downloaded onto their Windows 7 or 8 machine.

That said, switching away from Windows is hard. Guest mode starts you off with a clean copy of Chrome OS, and removes all traces of your activity when you logoff.

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No credit card is needed, just a verified email address. Connecting to a VPN from Guest Mode is a pain, but all increases in security come at the cost of convenience.

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