Phone listening Redmi Note 8

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Access to Google Play Browse and download apps, magazines, books, movies, and television programs directly to your phone. Product Tags Add Your Tags:. From the volume rocker and power button, to the SIM tray and USB-C port at the bottom, high-quality construction is apparent everywhere. The buttons are solid with no wobble and they offer near-perfect tactile feedback. The phone even has an IR blaster that you can use to control electronics like televisions and air conditioners. A fingerprint scanner sits in the center and is as fast as they come.

DXoMark Announced Camera Review Score of Redmi Note 8 Pro

The quad-camera module, however, sits way too far above the surface glass. This causes the phone to rock when placed on a table, and it will inevitably catch on to your pocket when sliding it in. Out of the box, the color tuning skews too far towards cooler tones. This has a profound effect on how images and videos look on the display. That said, it is easy to switch to a more neutral color profile that immediately makes content look a lot more natural.

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Stretched across 6. Icons and text look perfectly crisp and reading long web pages is a pleasurable experience. We measured peak brightness levels of about nits with the display set to the standard mode.

The Snapdragon chipset powering the Redmi Note 8 is the same as that of the Realme 5. The chipset is based on an 11nm architecture, which should make it a bit more frugal. All-in-all, the performance gains and losses should even out. As far as general performance is concerned, the phone is usually able to keep up with whatever you throw at it.

Jumping between apps will on occasion cause frame drop and a bit of jitter. The gaming experience is not amazing. Pushing the graphics setting in PUBG results in noticeable lag and dropped frames. The Snapdragon 66x family of chipsets are being outpaced by their successors, and it shows here. We put the phone through a standard range of benchmarks and the results were in line with what we expected.

The phone easily lasts a full day and then some. In my time with the phone, I found it hard to deplete the battery with heavy use, including a few hours streaming Spotify and YouTube, browsing Reddit, and sending a dozen or so emails. The bigger and more relevant change for end-users is support for 18W charging. Not only that, Xiaomi tossed a fast charger in the box. A full charge takes just over two hours. Starting from the onboarding process, Xiaomi pushes recommendations for a wide range of apps to download.

For the first-time user, it can be easy to click next and start the download process for this junk. Even if you manage to avoid the initial recommendations, there are umpteen apps included on the phone.

Stable global Android 10 update arrives for the Redmi Note 8 Pro

These range from MIUI standards, like a file explorer, weather app, and music app, but also includes a bunch of games, PayTM, Helo, and third-party music apps. A majority of these cannot be removed. Add to that the ads and app recommendations strewn across system apps, and it quickly becomes a sub-optimal user experience.

Fix Redmi Note 8 Pro Amazon Alexa Hands Free not Working

Apps like ShareMe make it very easy to transfer large files between phones and even over to your computer. Since we published the review, Xiaomi has pushed out a series of software updates that have brought the phone to the November security patch. Additionally, there have been feature additions like a new quick share dialog box, Mi Share as well as Digital Wellbeing, general software stability improvements.

This handset is considered to be one of the most popular mid-range handsets in the world. It has no chances to compete with the top-end models like the Huawei P and Mate series, but this score is quite acceptable. Because of 84 points, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro appeared only in the second half of the list. So if we can take the second part of the list as top ten of none-cameraphones, the Redmi Note 8 Pro ranks second after the Motorola Moto One zoom version and Samsung Galaxy A Moreover, it has the same results as the well-known gaming smartphone of Black Shark 2.

Observing the scores and samples of the Redmi Note 8 Pro, the camera of this Xiaomi phone is obviously not on an equal footing with the current best-in-class products. We mean there are many areas for improvement in photo and video shooting. But this is a Redmi budget phone, and its price is far lower than the current high-end smartphones.